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Welcome to amma. – The Creative Alliance Redefining Style !

Based in the vibrant heart of creativity in Mumbai, our modeling agency is more than just a bridge between fashion and brands. We are a team of visionaries, an eclectic mix of world nationalities souls, bringing international energy that breathes life into every project.

Our Diverse Cultural Fabric

Let us take you on a journey where cultural boundaries blur, and creativity flourishes. As founders from varied backgrounds, we merge unique perspectives to deliver a limitless creative experience.

Models that Radiate 

We don't just represent models; we showcase personalities that exude authenticity and diversity. Each of our talents brings a distinct nuance to the brilliance of fashion, ready to illuminate your project.

Build Your Identity Together 

Welcome to the branding workshop at amma. Collaborating with bold brands worldwide, we craft visual identities that leave a lasting impression. Forget the clichés; embrace the extraordinary.

Explore our gallery for a dose of inspiration, where each image tells its own story. At amma. imagery becomes an artistic statement, an expression of your uniqueness.

Join us on this journey where fashion meets functionality, where every photoshoot is a celebration of limitless creativity. At amma. the future of fashion and branding comes to life. Welcome to a new era of style at amma. Where Creativity Becomes Reality !

alina simota

Alina Simota

associate - model - project manager

claire caillard

Claire Caillard

Associate - marketing director

Amit soni

Amit Soni

associate - financial director

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